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What is Building Lifecycle Management?
Why should you care?
How does it ALWAYS save more than it costs?

What We Do

Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc., performs three key jobs: 

  1. Inspection & Testing of many types.

  2. Construction Management specifically cost estimating and building rehabilitation.

  3. Claims & Litigation Consulting including construction defect litigation, expert testimony, and everything imaginable that could make someone frustrated, sad, or mad about real estate.

Who We Are

Virtually everyone on our team has specialized training and expertise in one of four disciplines:

  1. Building Performance Analysis

  2. Estimating & Building Economics

  3. Construction Contracting & Management

  4. Project Management

Our experts are educated, experienced, licensed, certified, and trained to solve any pain-point you’re likely to encounter, before, during, or after construction. And they are litigation-savvy. We serve as expert witnesses for every role in the building business, including most subtrades.

Why We’re Different

2018-11-28 Solutions Factory B web.png

We have a unique system… It’s like a professional-services solutions-factory, where we combine:

Technical Expertise + Project Management Discipline + Proprietary Technology + Applying the highest standards, from industry when possible, or those we develop ourselves;

Results is the sum of this combination.


What is BLM?

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) is a simple concept: Make smart decisions about buildings that considers lifetime costs. The trouble is, it's hard to do.

BLM begins with evaluating the project, and ends with our clients spending the right amount, on the right work, at the right time.

But it requires deep technical expertise in both building performance analysis AND professional construction estimating, contracting and management discipline. And this is a rare combination.

PFCS Building Lifecycle Management Process


1. Evaluate

Documents, Meetings, Property Condition Assessment (PCA), Inspection Reports, Reserve Study Coordination, Maintenance Plan (incl. Budget & Schedule)


2. Define & Specify

Scope of Work, Specifications, Maintenance Manual, Maintenance Task Lists (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual), Request for Proposal (RFP) for Design, Meetings


3. Budget

Budget, Estimate, Meetings


4. Tender & Contract

Request for Proposal (RFP), Bid Analysis, Vendor Approval Process, Vendor Recommendations, Contracts


5. Schedule & Notice

Progress Schedule, Process Management Recommendations, Correspondence


6. Project Kickoff

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


7. Coordinate Work

Correspondence, Meeting Minutes


8. Verify Quality

Inspection Checklists, Inspection Report, Rework Notice


9. Change Management

Proposed Change Order Analysis, Change Order, Meetings, Budget Updates


10. Payment Processing

Project Status Memo, Payment Application Memo


11. Project Close

Project Close Memo, Lien Releases, Maintenance Plan, Warranty


12. Repeat Forever

Opinion Letter

Expertise + Discipline = Savings

Our BLM services help clients make intelligent, fact-based decisions about building design, construction, maintenance, repair, and improvement, while delivering the least expensive solution over time.

PFCS' combination of deep expertise in both inspection & testing and construction management is very unusual. The combination was created by our being named as expert witnesses thousands of times over the last 20 years. And this building claims and litigation work profoundly informed our understanding of building performance and building economics.

After spending a lifetime developing professional contracting, construction management, and estimating discipline, we then were blessed with 20 years as expert witnesses paid to investigate construction defects and create the most cost-effective solutions.

We refined a science-based investigation framework, and we proved time and again that it worked to figure out what needed to be fixed, what did not, and how to do it.

Now we combine (1.) the investigation framework and (2.) the professional contracting discipline for building owners, managers, and receivership to save money and get the closest thing to a guarantee of quality possible.

These services generally cost 5-15% of construction cost and they ALWAYS save more than they cost. Sometimes as much as 90%. Really.

Proving Our Work

We solve building problems Results SOCIAL 2018-09-28 A.png

Case Studies

A Homeowner’s Association in Trouble
PFCS managed the scope, budget, schedule, and quality for a complete rehabilitation of exterior building walls for a savings of $1.5 to $2.6 million.

Plumbing Leaks in a High-Rise Condo
A favorable resolution was negotiated with the value of the negotiated repair scope being less than 10% of the system replacement!

Prioritizing Maintenance & Repairs
Instead of a $1 million, our clients paid $50,000, including our fees. They didn't get new siding, but they got another 10 years out of the siding they had, and the savings was tremendous. 

How BLM Saves Money

  • Only necessary work is done

  • Competition

  • Accountability (The Golden Rule)

  • Change management

  • Good specification lasts longer

  • High quality construction lasts longer

  • Dramatic reduction of risks

  • Leverages the time value of money

  • Less drama