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Allocation of Responsibility for Construction Defects

On May 10, 2012 Pete Fowler presented a 1-hour webinar called Allocation of Responsibility for Construction Defects. They explained the step-by-step method for planning, creating and delivering estimates for construction defect repairs, and discussed how estimates can be summarized, analysed and compared based upon the level of detail and exactitude required.

This is the fifth in our Construction Defect Seminar/Webinar Series which will be presented throughout 2012. A complete list of the dates for the remainder of the series is listed on the Events page of our website. The programs are recorded and available to PFCS clients free of charge. If you are a client and would like access to this program, or if you would like to schedule a PFCS Expert to deliver a presentation live at your conference or in your office, please contact marketing@petefowler.com.

Comments from attendees:

  • "It was clear and concise and I was impressed by the integrity demonstrated."

  • "Very good. Some good practical advice in a format that didn't waste my time."

  • "Very informative to obtain an expert's point of view of the defects/allocations and not being charged for the consult."

  • "I thought it was very informative and timely. It helped to explain the process that goes into assigning percentages of fault to subcontractors...there is a method to the madness."

  • "I appreciated that the presenters used straight talk, and did not digress into unhelpful story-telling. The program was full of information directly on-topic. Thank you."

  • "I thought the presentation was well done and conveyed the information in a logical and well organized manner."

  • "It was informative. The visual drawings during the presentation on how to allocate costs and set up diagrams were very helpful."