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Pete Fowler Construction does three key things: (1.) Building inspection & testing of many types; (2.) Construction management, specifically cost estimating and building-rehabilitation management for owners; and (3.) Building claims & litigation consulting, including expert testimony, related to everything imaginable that could make someone sad, mad, or frustrated about real estate. Virtually everyone on the team has specialized training and expertise in one of four disciplines: (1.) Building Performance Analysis, (2.) Estimating & Building Economics, (3.) Construction Contracting & Management, and (4.) Project Management. 

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We have a unique system… It’s like a professional-services solutions-factory, where we combine: (1.) Technical Expertise, plus (2.) Project Management Discipline, plus (3.) Proprietary Technology, plus (4.) Applying the highest standards, from industry when possible, or those we develop ourselves; Results is the sum of this combination. Every year we work on projects as widely varying as single-family residences, multi-family projects, mixed-use developments, commercial, institutional, industrial, low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise construction. We operate both in the private and public sectors and with for-profit as well as non-profit organizations. 

We are focused on our customer's experiences, engineering backward, and building a sophisticated organization that is becoming the best in the world at systematically, effectively, and efficiently: (1.) Evaluating building construction, (2.) specifying solutions, (3.) estimating costs, (4.) contracting for the execution of the plans we create, (5.) managing the execution of those plans, (6.) verifying the quality of our work and the work of others, and (7.) communicating in the most understandable, professional, and compelling way.

Technical Consultant -

Albuquerque, NM
Portland OR
Flint, TX

PFCS is looking for a Technical Consultant - Roofing to conduct in-depth evaluations of existing roof and attic assemblies. The candidate needs to be an experienced roofing installer, familiar with common roof construction and installation practices, building codes, manufacturer's instructions, and maintenance requirements for roofs and attics. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with a Consultant who is able to conduct inspections for PFCS on a regular basis, working as an Independent Contractor.

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PFCS is looking for a Technical Consultant to perform analytical work that conforms to PFCS’ high standards. The perfect candidate is an experienced professional with extensive construction knowledge, comfortable with technology and can collaborate with team members. This person has incredible attention to detail and high standards that match those of PFCS. He/she is sharp, hardworking, naturally organized, and a great communicator.

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Technical Consultant -
Cost Estimator

San Clemente, CA
Riverside, CA