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What We Do

We evaluate project documents and information, inspect, conduct testing, document existing conditions, evaluate performance, report findings, and make recommendations. 

Inspection & Testing Services

  1. Building Inspection & Evaluation
  2. Property Condition Assessment per ASTM E2018
  3. Building Leak Evaluation & Testing per ASTM E2128
  4. Construction Defect Investigations & Reports
  5. Builder's Right to Repair (incl. CA SB800) Inspection & Offers to Repair
  6. General Liability (GL) Property Claim Investigation
  7. Cause & Origin Investigations
  8. Building Code Compliance Inspections & Reports
  9. Slip, Trip & Fall Investigations & Reports
  10. Course of Construction (incl. Lender Compliance) Inspections & Reports
  11. Quality Controls Plans and Third-Party Inspections and Reports
  12. Permanent Storage of Inspection Documentation and Project Document

Why Us

  • ExpertiseSolid, practical experts focused on real practical solutions. 
  • Project Management: Operational excellence through beginning-to-end engineered systems and processes that are as close to a guarantee of excellence in our work as possible. 
  • Technology: We have a world-class proprietary technology system that helps us do better work, faster and cheaper than our competition. 
  • Standards: We use both industry and internal standards to plan our work and to compare and evaluate our performance after execution. 
  • Solutions: PFCS is focused on real practical solutions. We differ from competition by saving more than we cost, figuring out a path to the best solution, communicating in plain English so our smart, not-technical clients can make excellent decisions.

PFCS Building Performance Analysis (BPA) Process

  1. Document & Information Management
  2. Meetings/Interviews with Key People
  3. Building Information Management
  4. Inspection
  5. Analysis
  6. Testing (Only as Necessary)
  7. Estimate
  8. Report/Property Condition Report (PCR)

How We Do It

Evaluating the physical performance of buildings is a specialized profession, so experience in construction plus a camera in-hand do not equal a Building Consultant.

Building performance analysis and evaluation services should begin with collection, organization and analysis of documents and other building-related information, often including meetings or interviews with key people. At the conclusion of the inspection or testing regimen is when all of the real value is added through structured analysis of the building elements, estimating costs, reporting and consulting so that the information we have created creates value that greatly exceeds it's cost. 

We have built a world-class proprietary information system that helps us execute faster, better, and cheaper; our system picks up where Google and Zillow leave off. All of the information we collect and create is stored in this cloud-based, password-protected information system, forever, for free. Our unique process combines technical construction experts with project management professionals who work together using proprietary technology and best-practice standards (rather than merely relying on "opinion" or "experience") to deliver consistent results. Every year we work on projects as widely varied as single-family residences; multi-family and mixed-use developments; commercial, institutional, and industrial construction; and low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings.