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Construction Defect Consulting (CD)

  • Construction Defect Analysis
  • Insurance Claims
  • Construction Disputes
  • Non-Disclosure Claims
  • Change Order & Scheduling Disputes

We have a unique system of project analysis where by we (1) Collect all pertinent data, (2) Analyze the data to create useful information and (3) Present our opinions and conclusions in a manner that helps our clients make informed decisions. This done using our 10-Step Solving Building Problems Method.

The process is as follows:

  1. Collect, organize, summarize and understand all pertinent data
  2. Plan: Identify scope, budget & schedule
  3. Analyze and summarize the Scope of Work of all applicable parties
  4. Create and Issues List (problems, allegations, defects, punch lists)
  5. Identify all Locations where issues occur
  6. Identify or estimate all costs
  7. Associate Issues & Locations
  8. Conduct a detailed Issue-By-Issue Analysis
  9. Reflect, hypothesize, scrutinize, repeat an refine steps 1-8 as necessary
  10. Present the solution

Using this method we ensure 100% of all the various amounts of data is organized into a concise, easy to understand manner for construction and non-construction professionals.

In addition to the evaluation of building and construction process problems, we offer recommendations for remedial action, supervision of repairs, and testing of repaired construction assemblies.  Detailed reports often include the summary of other services including Inspections, Testing, and Construction Cost Estimating.