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Construction Cost Estimating

  • Construction Defect Dispute or Defect Estimates
  • Cost Analysis and Comparison of Estimates
  • Repair / Renovation / Improvement Estimates
  • Insurance Claims and Covered Damage Estimates
  • New Construction Estimates

Construction Cost Estimating can be difficult to understand because there are so many components that must come together. Our staff is educated, experienced and certified in the field of construction cost estimating. We prepare professional construction cost estimates from conceptual level to bid ready or construction ready. We develop estimates for a variety of building projects including new construction and repair projects resulting from construction defects and natural catastrophes. We perform construction cost analyses for forensic, insurance and litigation purposes.


Excellence in estimating requires unceasing attention to detail. Our estimates are presented in a logical, easily comprehensible format which non-technical professionals can use with confidence to make informed decisions.

Our process includes defining the Scope of work, documenting Method of construction, and applying Costs to create a comprehensive and realistic estimate.

Components of our Detailed Estimates (Bid Estimates) often include Summary, Quantity Take Off documentation, Labor and Crew Rates, Material Prices, Equipment Costs, Subcontract Costs, detailed listing of Indirect Costs and General Conditions, Contractor Overhead and Profit, Other Project Costs including design, engineering, project management and relocation.