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Our primary concern is always for client and project success. Construction and large-scale property maintenance projects are complicated. Enormous sums of money are either well-spent, ensuring long-term project performance, or wasted on the wrong scope of work, the wrong contractors, and the wrong construction techniques.

PFCS Contracting 101 Framework

PFCS Contracting 101 Framework

We use our proprietary DBSKCV Construction Management Method which creates a loop that generates and maintains accurate budgets and schedules, and then coordinates the activities of all parties, making explicit the responsibilities of each. Breaking the project into logical components and delegating the responsibility to contractors and professional service providers gives the owner efficiency as well as long-term effectiveness. Throughout the project we verify the physical work compared to plan, and make adjustments as necessary. Professionalism and communication is the key.

We use the same basic methodology to achieve success in any type of building project. We first Define the scope of work, which may include a design phase with architects and engineers. Then we generate a Budget or estimate to communicate project costs. Next we produce a Schedule that will impact all parties as well as total project cost. Identifying and sharing when the construction will take place helps all stakeholders prepare for success.

We then develop complete Contract (K) documents that clearly identify who is doing what. Then we Coordinate the construction, and the numerous parties involved. Finally we Verify that all parties in the process are doing what they should, requiring our professionalism, communication and continuous re-alignment of the process, adjusting for unforeseen events and inevitable changes.