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Property Analysis


PFCS is focused on delivering peace of mind for property owners and managers throughout the building life-cycle. Our team of experts does this by providing Real Practical Solutions in the areas of inspection, testing, maintenance programs, specification writing, scope of work documents, budgets, bid management & analysis, construction schedules, quality control, change order & payment processing, project-close, and dispute & claims management. View a Printable Summary of our Property Related Services



  1. Property Owners including Owners' Associations
  2. Property Managers
  3. Insurance Companies
  4. Construction Businesses
  5. Lawyers

Articles / Whitepapers

  1. Managing Property Maintenance & Improvement
  2. Managing Construction Quality
  3. DBSKCV Construction Management Method
  4. Dangers of Mold - by Pete Fowler. Published by Window and Door Magazine in 2003.
  5. New Developments in CA Construction Law
  6. Trouble-Free Foundations for Expansive Soils - by Dave McMahon. Published by The Journal of Light Construction in 2002.


  1. Building Inspection & Testing
  2. Property Condition Assessment Using ASTM E2018-08
  3. Evaluating Water Leakage of Buildings Using ASTM E 2128
  4. Managing Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
  5. Contracts for Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
  6. How to Save (Your Community) A Million Bucks!  Prioritizing Maintenance and Repairs on a Limited Budget
  7. Contracting 101
  8. Construction Cost Estimating
  9. Building Codes & Standards
  10. Building Wall Design & Construction
  11. OMMA-Goodness!™ Project Management

Our processes are documented in the form of presentations that we are happy to deliver to your organization, in-person or via a webinar.