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Who We Are

We are a team of building experts and project management professionals who help our clients make smart, informed decisions about buildings and property. We are a world-class building and construction consultancy focused to delivering SOLUTIONS for those who own, or work in the building or buildings business, by applying our expertise in (1.) building performance analysis, (2.) building economics, and (3.) construction management.

We are a team of smart people who like to think hard, solve problems and do excellent work.

What We Do

We evaluate physical performance of building projects, write reports, specify and estimate the costs of maintenance and repairs, contract and manage construction, and verify quality. We are often called upon to consult and testify in claims and litigation related to building or buildings.

Construction Claims & Litigation

Inspection. Evaluation. Specification. Estimating. Allocation of Responsibility. Testimony.

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM)

Inspection. Evaluation. Specification. Tendering. Construction & Maintenance Management. Quality Control.

Our Clients

Our clients include property owners & managers, governmental organizations, developers & contractors, product manufacturers & suppliers, insurers and lawyers. Every year we work on projects as widely varying as single-family residences, multi-family projects, mixed use developments, commercial, institutional, industrial, low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise construction. We operate both in the private and public sectors and with for-profit as well as non-profit organizations.

What Makes Us Different


Act with Integrity. Solve the Problem. Do Awesome Work.

What Our Values Mean In Practice

Act with Integrity

  • We have a bias toward ACTION.
  • We never do anything unethical.
  • We put client interests ahead of the firm’s.
  • We always consider costs vs. benefits.
  • We have an obligation to dissent; that is, we have the courage to apply professional judgment and articulate our opinions, even when they are not popular. 

Solve the Problem

  • We have learned that complex problem solving is best done by a diverse, healthy team. 
  • We always hypothesize a solution before we begin. Every project is "engineered backward." We ask "What is the best possible outcome?" And we plan accordingly. 
  • Every project has a written plan, including an Objective and Milestones, and we communicate this plan to applicable stakeholders (especially the people we expect to pay us). 
  • We frequently compare our performance to the plan.
  • "No plan can be considered complete - or satisfactory - until it produces measurable outcomes and incorporates mechanisms that allow mid-course corrections based on results." - Judith Rodin

Do Awesome Work

  • We do high quality work that makes us proud. 
  • We always communicate in plain English, in a way everyone can understand; 
  • We turn data (facts, observations, etc.) into actionable information so we, and our clients, can use it to make smart, informed decisions; 
  • We prescribe SMART (specific, measurable, assertive, realistic & timed) recommendations or opinions; 
  • The objective for most projects is to move our client from where they are to the best available outcome as quickly and inexpensively as possible while always maintaining professional integrity.
  • We exercise a "Deliberate Practice" throughout our business, which simply involves a disciplined cycling endlessly through (1.) performance, (2.) analysis of the performance, and (3.) modification of performance with the explicit intention of improving.
  • We have an accountability-based "Peer Review Culture" with quality control milestones build-in to every project plan, which puts everyone in the production process responsible for quality. 
  • We apply quality improvement tools like Lean Six Sigma to perpetually improve our core processes, set the highest standards, and decrease variability.


We have a well-defined philosophy and process to manage the building life-cycle from preliminary design through decommissioning. We have built a world-class proprietary information system that helps us execute faster, better and cheaper; our system picks up where Google and Zillow leave off. All of the information we collect and create is stored in this cloud-based, password-protected information system, forever, for free. Our unique process combines technical construction experts with project management professionals who work together using proprietary technology and best-practice standards (rather than merely relying on "opinion" or "experience") to deliver consistent results. Every year we work on projects as widely varied as single-family residences; multi-family and mixed-use developments; commercial, institutional, and industrial construction; and low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings. We have learned that effective management of lifetime costs and quality of buildings is about process discipline. Our most important job is to help our clients make smart, informed decisions about building and buildings.


We focus on real, practical solutions. We call our service guarantee, our written measure of excellence, "Awesome Work," since our solutions require us to (1.) always communicate in plain English that everyone can understand; (2.) turn data into information so we, and our clients, can use it to make smart, informed decisions; (3.) to prescribe a set of SMART (specific, measurable, assertive, realistic and timed) recommendations or opinions that (4.) will move our client from where they are to the best available alternative as quickly and inexpensively as possible, while maintaining our professional integrity.

Why We Do It

Buildings are important. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 125 million homes, more than 333,000 residential community associations, and 5.6 million commercial buildings, comprising 87.4 billion square feet of floor space. The building maintenance, repair and improvement industry is messy, inefficient and the ignoble recipient of more consumer complaints than almost any other industry. Most people spend 20-50% of their income on housing. Saving even a small fraction of the lifetime cost of these buildings has an extraordinarily positive and tangible impact.

Construction management is hard and it’s complex. Construction Management is a professional discipline that should be regulated like architecture, engineering, or even cosmetology; but it’s not. This lack of recognition, that there is a set of well-defined construction management principles, leads property owners and managers to try to save money by managing complex projects themselves. Our experience is that for maintenance, improvement or repair projects that cost $50,000 or more, our services are cost-neutral. For projects of $100,000 or more, our services are a cost saver. So technically, our services are FREE, plus a profit. In addition to the economics, our services create the closest thing to a guarantee of success that the construction industry can offer.