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PFCS’ Investigating & Evaluating Property Claims Series


Habitability Claims

Pete Fowler will be co-presenting a program on Habitability Claims on 11/29/2018 at the ASCDC Construction Defect Seminar in Costa Mesa, CA, in addition to delivering it as part of PFCS’ 2019 Investigating & Evaluating Property Claims Webinar Series.


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Construction Defect Claims

Matthew Philippe & Pete Fowler will present a webinar called Mechanical Construction Defects. Mechanical Construction Defects is for anyone who needs to know about risk management, claims, and litigation related to Mechanical (heating and air conditioning), Electrical or Plumbing (MEP) systems.


Cost Estimate Analysis

Jordan Scott & Mike Villalba will present Understanding & Evaluating Construction Estimates. This program is for everyone who deals with buildings or construction (and that's a LOT of people).


Slip, trip, & Fall Claims

Slip, Trip, Fall & Personal Injury Claims is a 1-hour walk through Pete Fowler Construction Services’ (PFCS) Construction Claims Analysis Method applied to personal injury claims that occur as a result of a hazard in the built environment.


Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Pete Fowler and Paul Viau presented a one-hour webinar called Landlord-Tenant Disputes, one of the more common project types that our company is handling these days.


Adjacent Property Disputes

Pete Fowler will present a webinar called Adjacent Property Disputes. Our company has been dealing with these claims and litigation since the company was founded.


General Liability claims

Investigating & Evaluating General Liability Claims is a 1-hour walk-through of Pete Fowler Construction Services' (PFCS) Construction Claims Analysis Method applied to general liability claims


Water Intrusion Claims

Paul Kushner and Alex Prokop will present a FREE webinar titled "Investigating Water Intrusion Claims. Additionally, forensic expert Pete Fowler will explain the various components of a building envelope that can allow water to intrude into the interior.


Fire, Flood and Landslide claims

As communities recover from devastating wildfires, residents living in both affected and surrounding areas face higher risk of flooding and landslides.


Roofing Claims

In this webinar we will introduce you to what a roof is, what it is made of, how it is constructed, and the various components of a roof.  In addition we provide an overview of the regulations which govern roofs and their construction.


People v. Sanchez: expert use of project-specific hearsay

Check back soon for more information on this upcoming webinar from Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc.


Professional Construction Contracting Discipline: What It Is and How to Get It

Check back soon for more information on this upcoming webinar from Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc.