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Continuing Education

From the day of our founding, PFCS has been dedicated to training & education. Years ago, we realized that many of our clients were interested in receiving a summary of the same training topics we were creating for our own internal use. Eventually we registered to provide continuing education credits for various professional organizations that our clients belonged to. Today, many of our courses are registered for continuing education credits with the following organizations:

  1. The State Bar of California: PFCS is an approved provider.  All courses we offer are available for credit.
  2. California Department of Insurance: PFCS is an approved provider. Each program requires individual approval 30 days in advance.  Application fee is $28.00 per course.
  3. Nevada Board of Continuing Education: Each program is applied for online with no application fee. Apply 30 days ahead to be safe.
  4. Oregon State Bar: Approval is applied for in advance, but can be approved up to 30 days after each webinar.  Application fee is $40.00 per course.
  5. Community Associations Institute (CAI through CAMICB): PFCS is currently seeking approval for our Property Analysis Series.
  6. Paralegals are provided a Certificate of Attendance which they can submit to either:
    1. National Federation Paralegal Association (NFPA) website www.paralegals.org
    2. National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) website www.nala.org
  7. Colorado Supreme Court: Needs to be reviewed and updated.

For more information, contact us at marketing@petefowler.com.