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Building Information Management & Modeling


Really!? Another Stupid Acronym!! 

We have a seminar / webinar called Building Lifecycle Management where we introduced the idea of BIM2: Building Information Management & Modeling. It's something I made up. But I think structured data is even more important than a 3D model. Call me crazy. 

  1. 1D = A list of the Elements and Locations

  2. 2D = Plans and Specifications

  3. 3D = Model

  4. 4D = Time (Think Einstein’s Space-Time Continuum)

  5. 5D = Cost

  6. 6D = Building Lifecycle Information. This is where virtually every “document” (and piece of data) is connected to the applicable Element and Location.


Organizing & Managing Building Data

ASTM E2166 is a 6 page standard that outlines a structure for organizing and managing all information related to buildings for the purpose of supporting informed decision making. The organizational structure is based on Uniformat II (ASTM E1557) which is based on construction assemblies ("elements") like foundations, walls, roofs, interior finishes, mechanicals, etc. Key aspects of the practice include making a list of all named spaces (rooms) and associating them with the elements in those locations.