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LVDL CLE: Slip, Trip, Fall & Personal Injury Claims



On Thursday, February 22nd, Adam Hjorth gave the presentation "Slip, Trip, Fall & Personal Injury Claims" for the Las Vegas Defense Lawyers organization. This program was sponsored by Depo International and Pete Fowler Construction Services. The program and all of our other Lunch & Learn presentation events eligible for one hour of continued education credit.

About the Program

The world is a dangerous place. And while falling down in your teens is often funny, falling down when you’re grown-up hurts and people are often injured. Combine that fact with a society that has become more and more litigious, and we have arrived in a time where Slip, Trip, Fall Claims are common. And when there is a claim, someone needs to figure out if the condition is a danger and render a thoughtful opinion about whether or not it caused or contributed to the fall.

Slip, Trip, Fall & Personal Injury Claims is a 1-hour walk through Pete Fowler Construction Services’ (PFCS) Construction Claims Analysis Method applied to personal injury claims that occur as a result of a hazard in the built environment. No two claims are the same, but our analytical method walks us through a professional investigation and analysis, similar to how the scientific method aids in discovery of the workings of our natural world, regardless of the specifics of the claim.

Event Details

When: February 22nd, 2018, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Where: Depo International, 703 South Eighth Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101