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Marc Viau


One Minute Summary

Mr. Viau has run his own consulting business for over 20 years, bringing 48 years of hands-on building and development experience to bear in assessing damaged homes, commercial buildings and all aspects of construction. Regularly called in to render opinions on behalf of attorneys, insurance companies, home owners, and contractors, Marc has offered testimony for all parties involved in the construction process.

Marc is one of the foremost experts on assessing damage, estimating costs and determining fault. He is an expert on construction industry standards, manufacturers’ recommendations, scope of work, and the laws and regulations that apply to contractors. Marc is able to provide rigorous analysis by applying these concepts to real world situations, and reaching an expert assessment. In addition to extensive experience in mediation and presenting testimony in trial, Mr. Viau has given accredited lectures on construction topics to attorneys as part of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirements of the state bar.


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