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Admissibility of Expert Opinions


For years, attorneys have utilized expert testimony to present otherwise inadmissible hearsay evidence in legal matters. The holding in People v. Sanchez (2016) announced a ‘paradigm shift’ regarding how out-of-court statements used as expert testimony basis are treated under California hearsay law.

With greater scrutiny of expert opinion as hearsay as a point of emphasis, litigators must be vigilant when it comes to expert testimony involving case-specific facts. Stuart Kane partner Eve Brackmann and PFCS president Pete Fowler present Admissibility of Expert Opinion: An End to Smuggling Hearsay and What it Means for Attorneys and their Experts at Trial.

This one-hour webinar will focus on how People v. Sanchez has changed expert testimony and how this applies in construction and property litigation from both the expert witness and attorney perspectives.

In Admissibility of Expert Opinion, Brackmann and Fowler will cover how the standards of expert testimony have changed, how litigators must prepare for deposition and trial, and what you can do as an attorney to get around Sanchez.


Date: Wednesday, Nov. 20
Time: 10 a.m. PT
Duration: 60 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how expert testimony is applied in deposition and trial

  • Investigate tactics to introduce expert opinion

  • Evaluate case-specific testimony of construction and property litigation


This program is pending approval for one hour of CLE for attorneys in California, Nevada and Oregon, and for insurance adjusters with the California Department of Insurance.