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Construction Defect Lifecycle presented at AAMA Western Region 2011 Spring Meeting

Presenters Pete Fowler and Alex Prokop delivered the Construction Defect Lifecycle at the recent AAMA Western Region 2011 Spring Meeting in Tempe, Arizona.

Construction Defect Litigation has been a scourge to many aspects of the building business in the past 15 years. In Construction Defect Life-Cycle, we presented a high-level overview of the events that have lead, and continue to lead us to the courthouse steps, and what can be learned from this big-picture survey of the landscape, so that our navigational skills improve with experience.

Sometimes it’s best to “hide in the bushes” of a construction defect litigation, and pay as little as possible to just get out. Other times we deserve the beatings we get, so paying our fair share is the right thing to do. But we all know, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing (Edmund Burke),” and in some cases, bullies must be faced down, and a good fight must be fought. But how do we know what to do and when? This is where knowledge of the Construction Defect Life-ycle comes in; it will be your map of the construction defect world.

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