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Managing Expert Work and Costs Seminar

No plan can be considered complete - or satisfactory - until it produces measurable outcomes and incorporates mechanisms that allow mid-course corrections based on results.
— Judith Rodin

Managing Expert Work and Costs was recently presented in Irvine, California to our clients for continuing education credits with the California State Bar and California Department of Insurance. We previously presented this topic in San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. We are also looking forward to presenting this topic in Denver, Colorado on June 30, 2011.

Construction litigation can be messy, and messy can get expensive. We have been working for years to create a system for delivering construction consulting services at the highest level of professionalism while controlling expenses. We have created a powerful system called Managing Expert Work and Costs.

Using this system combined with our 10-step Solving Building Problems Method we guarantee to get our clients through the project as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do this through carefully thought out project planning, disciplined execution of the plan, and frequent review of the “return-on-investment” (ROI) versus cost.

View a sample of the presentation materials.

For more information on seminar dates or to have this presentation delivered to your company call us or email us at marketing@petefowler.com.