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Property Condition Assessments Using ASTM E2018

Making Good Decisions

Managing property maintenance, improvement and repair is hard. Making good decisions in managing the building lifecycle takes hard work, professionalism and good information. From our founding, PFCS has been helping clients to understand their buildings and to make informed decisions. We have developed an integrated suite of services designed to give property managers and owners the information they need. The first and most important step in making good decisions about a building project is to get a “Baseline Property Condition Assessment.”

Components of a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) 

  1. Document & Building Information Management: We collect, organize, and permanently store all project information created or received by PFCS in the context of our investigation and evaluation. The data and information are saved in a password protected information system that you can access via PFCS Client Access (watch the video here).
  2. Meetings/Interviews with Key People: Our Team Members keep notes and report on key information we collect in the context of our professional investigation. 
  3. Inspection: After collecting and analyzing key information, we conduct a thorough, rigorous, on-site investigation. We take many hundreds of photographs per day of inspection using a proprietary application that allows categorizing by location, building element, issue, plain english descriptions, and much more. These photographs are uploaded to our proprietary information system within 24-hours and can be viewed via our password protected Client Access site. 
  4. Analysis: Our analysis method has been honed over the years through tens-of-thousands of structures inspected, millions in construction specification and management, and having been named as expert witnesses on thousands of construction and property related claims & litigation. Each building element is investigated and evaluated. 
  5. Estimate: Some PCAs include estimating the probable costs for repair or maintenance of some building assemblies. The PFCS Team includes several professional construction cost estimators with more than 20 years experience each. 
  6. Property Condition Report (PCR): A PCR is typically 50 or more pages and organized by building element (foundations, exterior siding, decks, roofs, electrical, site drainage, etc.). The report includes photographs, descriptions, observations and conclusions for each major element. And the Executive Summary includes explicit recommendations for managing the life of the building professionally. 

Seminar or Webinar

We have a 1-hour seminar or webinar to explain the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessment” (E2018-08), which represents a universally recognized set of practices for professionally collecting and evaluating data regarding the performance of buildings.

Program Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. ASTM E2018-08 Sections
  3. Sample Work
  4. Additional Building Performance Assessment Activities
  5. Building Life-Cycle Management
  6. Deep Thoughts and Hot Buttons
  7. Conclusion & Recommendations

Property Analysis Seminar / Webinar Series

Programs in this series:

  1. Property Condition Assessment Using ASTM E2018-08
  2. Evaluating Water Leakage of Buildings Using ASTM E 2128
  3. Managing Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
  4. Contracts for Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
  5. How to Save (Your Community) A Million Bucks!  Prioritizing Maintenance and Repairs on a Limited Budget

For more information or to attend an upcoming seminar/webinar call us or email us at marketing@petefowler.com.

This post was updated 8/31/2018