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Pete Fowler Presents Construction Claims Management at ACIG's Fall Safety/Claims Meeting in San Antonio, TX 9/12-13/2012

After having been introduced to PFCS through the Construction Defect Webinar Series, ACIG invited Pete Fowler to present our Construction Claims Management program at their Fall Safety/Claims Meeting in San Antonio, TX. ACIG sponsors numerous opportunities for its members to stay abreast of all the construction and insurance industry changes. These meetings and workshops offer great forums for the exchange of information as well as ample opportunities to listen to quality speakers from both its member companies and outside industry experts; leading construction and insurance professionals are always included as session speakers. ACIG’s workshops are a great combination of fascinating topics, fabulous locations, and quality speakers that provide an interactive atmosphere for discussions, enabling attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and dialogue regarding the pressing issues that confront risk, safety and claims managers. Every Spring and Fall, safety, claims and risk management professionals from all over the country are invited to the ACIG Fall Safety/Claims Meeting to network and learn about issues affecting their organizations.

The American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG) writes insurance policies and provides related services to the construction industry.  The policies cover workers compensation, general liability, automobile liability and subcontractor/supplier default exposures.  The services include underwriting, supervision of claims, policy filings and issuance, loss and quality control, engineering services and brokerage placements. The ACIG mission is: “To save lives, prevent injuries and reduce the overall cost of risk and insurance for our members by (1) effectively reducing losses, (2) providing a stable market with quality services, (3) utilizing our group purchasing power and (4) creating equity.”