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General Conditions to a Prime Construction Contract

From PFCS's Training Construction Document Literacy:

"General Conditions to the Contract describe the general guidelines for administration of the Prime Contract. The document includes information like how to terminate a contract under various circumstances, obligations of the parties to a construction contract, and important definitions. It is intended to guide the Owner and Contractor through all agreed upon aspects of general contract administration. By reading an industry standard document like AIA 201 you can learn a tremendous amount about how construction projects are supposed to work."


If you deal with construction regularly, I highly recommend that you print out one or more of the documents below (or upload to your iPad), put it on the nightstand, and let it bore you to sleep a few nights in a row. It will solve insomnia and enlighten you significantly. Then, any time there is a problem with a construction project you are working on, just remember the old favorite acronym: RTFC. Read the f-ing contract! Since you will have read these General Conditions, you will know generally what should be in the contract and how the clauses work together. This will allow you to make smart decisions in applying specific contract language to specific situations.