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Article of the Week: How to Celebrate Your Mistakes


Jonathan Keyser, a Scottsdale-based commercial real estate broker, recently penned an article for ChiefExecutive.net titled “Why Punishing Mistakes Only Serves To Sabotage Your Company.”

One-Minute Summary

Citing a study of how the brain develops while mastering a task, Keyser adds context to how he applies this knowledge into an employer-employee relationship. There are two key characteristics about mistakes made by you or your employees: they are unintentional, and they’re useful. Giving your team the confidence to be daring is where value is created. Keyser offers these three tips to help celebrate your employee’s mistakes:

  1. Build a safety net. Your employees should feel secure to take their own actions. Keyser mentions encouraging employees in meetings when the client is in the room.

  2. Shine a light on imperfections. Recognize the mistake and turn it into a teaching moment.

  3. Open your own book. You’re not flawless. Discuss your own faults and explain how you work to improve them.


“Mistakes, by their nature, are unintentional.”

Why We Care

Our goal at PFCS is to do AWESOME work for our clients, but not have to beat the hell out of everyone to get it.  All employees want to feel appreciated and that they are an important piece of the puzzle.  Providing tools to complete our tasks is important, but providing respect and appreciation is vital and is the foundation of PFCS.