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Common Mechanical Construction Defects

  1. Certain flexible A/C ducts are not supported or installed properly, and are kinked.

  2. The A/C condensate drain piping was not installed properly. Based upon the installation instructions, it does not contain proper traps, and is not vented or supported properly. This has caused premature flow to secondary drains causing damage.

  3. The condensing units are not identified with the unit address as is required by the mechanical code.

  4. Clearance around the outdoor condensing units is not adequate and does not comply with the manufactures requirements.

  5. The condensing units are not level as required by the unit manufacturer.

  6. The refrigeration tubing insulation at the outdoor condensing units was not rated for exterior application and is deteriorating from exposure to ultra violet light.

  7. The refrigeration tubing penetrations of the exterior walls are not sealed as required by building code and energy code.

  8. The flexible dryer vents are kinked in the laundry closets. This causes poor dryer performances and creates a fire hazard.

  9. There are no check valves on the hot water recirculation fan coil heating loop. The check valves should be located at the recirculation pump discharge.

  10. The laundry closets were not provided with an exhaust fan. This is a code violation.