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Construction Document Literacy


Construction is a big business that constitutes approximately 10% of the U.S.economy. Oddly, there are very few professionals trained specifically in the field of construction. In this seminar, we will explain the fundamentals of building construction contracting, including the roles and responsibilities of the parties and the flow of documents and information. This is a generic and simplified framework to show the fundamental relationship of the parties in construction. In addition, since virtually no two projects are exactly alike, the framework can serve as a comparison to illustrate the differences in various project delivery schemes.

This presentation is for attorneys, adjusters, property managers, real estate agents, construction professionals and anyone involved in the construction or real estate business.

Learning Objectives

  1.  Orient the attendees to the construction process and provide the basic flow of a construction project, from design through completion, using our simplified Construction 101 approach.
  2. Summarize the DBSKCV Construction Management Method and use it to sort the 25 most important construction documents.
  3. Discuss each of the 25 most important construction documents and define each by author, recipients, length, key information and basics of use.

Program Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Define
  3. Budget
  4. Schedule
  5. Contract
  6. Coordinate
  7. Verify
  8. Conclusion

The 25 Most Important Construction Documents

Organized by The DBSKCV CM Method


  1. Plans
  2. Specifications
  3. Scope of Work


  1. Budget (1 p)
  2. Estimate Summary & Details
  3. Schedule of Values
  4. Expense Log / Register
  5. Allowance Schedule


  1. Progress Schedule

(K) Contract

  1. Request for Bid and Project Manual
  2. Addendum / Amendment
  3. Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
  4. Contract Agreement
  5. General Conditions
  6. Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor
  7. Change Order
  8. Purchase Order Request Form


  1. Daily Log of Construction
  2. Meeting Agenda & Minutes
  3. Players List / Project Directory


  1. Application for Payment
  2. Release of Lien
  3. Punch List
  4. Certificate of Insurance
  5. Inspection Documentation

Additional Information

This program was given on 5/11/2017 by Spencer Gales and Adam Hjorth.

Comments from attendees:

  • "Good program. Since the construction defect industry is constantly changing (but not) it is always helpful to stay on top of any of the new laws, procedures, etc. This presentation particularly was great since we read so many contracts, work orders, plans, bids and the like."
  • Program was informative and not overly technical."
  • "Very good background information for how a construction project is started and how it is run. I learned about terms I hear a lot, but was not always sure what they meant."
  • "I've been practicing construction for about 20 years, and it was very helpful in keeping perspective."