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Project Management Skills for Litigation

On February 28th, 2013, Pete Fowler presented a 1-hour webinar called Project Management Skills for Litigation.

Successful management of projects is hard, especially with lots of parties involved and more things to do than you can keep together in your mind, or even in your day-planner. A Project Management system is the closest thing we have to a guarantee of success.

This presentation covered: difficulties and barriers to project management; steps for successful project planning; the science of project management; planning for and managing meetings while tracking accountability; time management and weekly plans; and tracking your time for billing.

A complete list of the dates for the remainder of our webinars in 2013 is listed on our Events page. The programs are recorded and available to PFCS clients free of charge. If you are a client and would like access to this program, or if you would like to schedule a PFCS Expert to deliver a presentation live at your conference or in your office, please contact us at marketing@petefowler.com.

Comments from attendees:

  • "I thought the program was well put together. I could relate to it as I've handled large due diligence lists for multi-million dollar bond financings, which are large projects. The presenter was knowledgeable, funny and spoke clearly (not too fast, not too slow)."
  • "As usual, the program was well organized and interesting."
  • "It was informative to find a logical way to lay out a complex litigation case. I work for a plaintiff's firm and have to juggle data/information for upwards of 50 defendants on some cases."
  • "The program was very helpful to understand & deal with issues concerning management, planning, expectations and costs when retaining experts."
  • "Well presented with excellent information, as are all of your webinars."