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Trial Presentations

Trial Presentations discusses fundamentals to consider when retaining an expert witness, managing the development and delivery of opinions, reports and testimony, for success. Managing the development and delivery of opinions, reports and testimony for success will give you a framework to make sure your expert testimony is complete, supportable and understandable by the non-technical people who need to use the information to make decisions.

Creating a trial presentation to help make your case memorable requires preparation. Asking yourself the following questions will assist you in building a better trial presentation:

  • What is the main objective or story I want to tell?
  • What do I want the audience to know?
  • What are the main points I want to make?
  • What photos, facts or statistics will be most powerful to my audience?
  • What do I want the audience to know at the end of the presentation?

Remember that a well prepared trial presentation will not only enhance your oral presentation it will help people make sense of complicated topics and keep the audience focused on your subject.

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Comments from attendees:

  • “I am new to claims, and found the program easy to understand and very informative.”
  • “Very informative and helpful. Pete provided some interesting insights based on his own trial experience.”
  • “Program was informative and amusing.”
  • "I thought it was helpful to know the experts point of view."
  • “I always find your programs easy to follow and entertaining, with good information.”

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