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Expert Testimony: Preparing in Advance and Analyzing it Afterward


Testimony is often the most important aspect of any legal case. In a past program titled "Expert Witness Success" we discussed how an expert witness should prepare and conduct him/herself during a testimony. The goal of this webinar is to teach the audience how to prepare for and analyze the testimony of other, usually opposing, experts. In addition to preparing questions for the opposing experts, this will include integrating the testimony of other experts into analysis and reports.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate how to summarize and analyze a deposition.
  • Show how testimony is used in technical analysis and reports.
  • Review examples of expert witness deposition questions.
  • Discuss key information that should be culled from expert deposition though two case studies.

Program Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Case Studies: Construction Claim & Construction Defect Litigation
  3. Construction Claims Analysis
  4. Deposition Transcript Analysis
  5. Using Testimony in Analysis & Reports
  6. Deposition Questions
  7. Conclusion


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