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OMMA-Goodness!™ Project Management

Successful management of projects is hard, especially with lots of parties involved and more things to do than you can keep together in your mind, or even in your day-planner. A Project Management system is the closest thing we have to a guarantee of success.

The OMMA-Goodness!™ Project Management Framework is a simple process that distills the fundamentals of effectively bringing people together to accomplish a project objective. You will not only succeed in accomplishing your objective, the people you work with will say “OMMA-Goodness!™, what a great Project Manager!”

OMMA Goodness
OMMA Goodness

The OMMA-Goodness!™ Project Management Framework begins with a clearly stated Objective and a One Minute Summary, which are used to orient the team and help maintain focus. We step through a proven Method in a Project Planning Meeting to refine our Project Plan in multiple passes, keeping our critical data organized in the Milestones section, and clarifying the Scope with a Work Break-Down Structure.

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