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Structural Wood Framing & Defects

Wood frame construction is the most widely used method of building homes and apartments in North America.

Residential Wood Framing will provide an overview of the typical structural systems used in residential and light frame commercial buildings. The presentation will describe the process a builder goes through to construct a framing system from beginning to end. All the major components of the wood framed construction process will be discussed, including design, construction drawings (plans & specifications), framing methods, planning, layout, framing, plumb and line, stairs, joists, sheathing and shear walls, stacking of roof framing and trusses, structural hardware, and specialty framing. We will discuss the causes and possible corrections of problems or defects that may occur in wood framing systems.

We will also discuss problems that arise from workmanship issues where components have been improperly installed, as well as, adverse conditions that might be outside the control of the framing contractor or carpenter.

View an excerpt of our Residential Wood Framing presentation

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