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Common Construction Defects (A Pictorial Review)

This presentation introduces attendees to the wild world of construction defects, and will entertain the "construction defect litigation industry" veterans.  The objective is to frame the most common issues in context so that the "big picture" can be seen.  We will show what common defects are, what they look like and the most common causes.

The Dozen Defects we've selected to illustrate are:

  1. Foundations: Concrete Slab-On-Grade
  2. Waterproofing: Below Grade
  3. Exterior Enclosure: Stucco
  4. Exterior Enclosure: Masonry Veneer
  5. Exterior Enclosure: Siding and Trim
  6. Windows
  7. Sloped Roofs
  8. Low Sloped Roofs
  9. Waterproof Decks
  10. Tile and Stone Assemblies
  11. Plumbing
  12. Site Earthwork & Grading/Soil Failures

Anyone involved in designing, building, owning, maintaining, inspecting, insuring or litigating residential projects should be conversant in this topic.

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