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Mold Management

If you are involved in constructing, financing, insuring, managing, or owning property you need to know about mold. In 1999, mold claims made up a small percentage of insurance claims and litigation. By 2001 the “Mold Business” became a billion dollar industry.

In response to the enormous volume of confusing, contradictory and scary information available on the topic of mold, Window and Door Magazine published Pete Fowler’s “Dangers of Mold” article in April 2003. At the time, there were no laws or regulations to control the testing, evaluation, and remediation of mold. The article was designed to cut through the complexity and media hype and to focus on the real issues surrounding mold and to provide reliable sources of information for its management.

Today the world of mold continues to evolve. There are now mold licensing programs and mold laws in some states. Our Mold Management presentation will outline the issues surrounding mold and will introduce a framework for the professional handling of situations where mold might be present in occupied buildings.

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