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Property Condition Assessment Using ASTM E2018-08

Managing property maintenance, improvement and repair is hard. Making good decisions in managing the building life-cycle takes hard work, professionalism and good information. From our founding, PFCS has been helping clients to understand their buildings and to make informed decisions. We have developed an integrated suite of services designed to give property managers and owners the information they need. The first and most important step in making good decisions about a building project is to get a “Baseline Property Condition Assessment.”

This program was presented as a 1-hour webinar to explain the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessment” (E2018-08), which represents a universally recognized set of practices for professionally collecting and evaluating data regarding the performance of buildings.

Property Analysis Seminar / Webinar Series

Programs in this series:

  1. Property Condition Assessment Using ASTM E2018-08
  2. Evaluating Water Leakage of Buildings Using ASTM E 2128-01a
  3. Managing Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement.
  4. Contracts for Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement.
  5. How to Save (Your Community) A Million Bucks! Prioritizing Maintenance and Repairs on a Limited Budget

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